01 Labour law

Advice and representation for companies, institutions, managerial employees and skilled employees in all matters relating to private and public labour law, the preparation of employment agreements, regulations, agreements and plans and applications for work permits. Support in all disputes concerning labour law and during legal proceedings and proceedings conducted before authorities.

02 Laws dealing with settlement/posting of workers

Advice in questions relating to settlement, posting of workers, the temporary hiring out of personnel and residence rights and support when applying for work permits.

03 Privacy law

Advice and representation in the areas of privacy law, in particular data transfers abroad, insourcing and outsourcing projects, internal investigations and workplace monitoring.

04 Inheritance law and estate planning

Advice and representation for individuals in matters relating to assets, matrimonial property rights and inheritance laws and disputes. Drafting of wills and testamentary contracts and acceptance of mandates to act as executors. Advice to companies in relation to succession arrangements.

05 Commercial and company law

Advice in all matters in the areas of commercial and company law and the preparation of corresponding contracts.

06 Mediation

Mediation as a means of resolving conflicts through negotiation under the supervision of a neutral third party. This method of resolving conflicts is an alternative to legal proceedings when dealing with seemingly irreconcilable differences. The focus is on conflicts both within the family and in the workplace.

07 Tenacy and Real Estate law

Advice and representation for landlords, communities of condominium owners, administrations and owners in the area of tenancy law, preparation of contracts, regulations and enforcement of claims.

08 Conflict coaching

An effective method for people seeking their own personal path out of a conflict. During this process, professional coaching improves decision-making, strengthens thinking skills, reveals new perspectives and reinforces self-confidence.

09 Social security law

Advice in social security matters in the area of labour law, including the international posting of workers and representation before authorities and courts.

10 Contract law

Advice and preparation of contracts, especially concerning the purchase and sale of plots of land, renting and labour law.