personal consulting –
excellence at work

Winzeler Steffen attorneys-at-law is synonymous with the provision of specialized and sound legal advice in selected areas of law, backed up by years of experience. We are committed to excellence in our work. Our strengths lie in the provision of personal and ongoing consultancy services and the preparation of individual and practical solutions. The approach we adopt is corporate, interdisciplinary and intergenerational.

specialists in selected areas of law

In our capacity as a litigation and advisory firm for companies and individuals, we mainly operate in the areas of labour law and laws dealing with settlement rights, inheritance law and estate planning, corporate and contract law, tenancy and real estate law and social security law. We can also draw on an extensive network of acknowledged specialists in tax law and other specialist areas of law in Switzerland and abroad, enabling us to offer comprehensive advice and representation services.

If required we can extend the scope of our consultancy services to include effective conflict management or conflict coaching.